Warning! Never Use the Dental Floss or Cutting Methods to Remove Your Skin Tags

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When I was researching for a pain free and natural home treatment for eliminating skin tags, I found that there is a high percentage of people calling for the dental floss or cutting method at home.

Few people tried these methods themselves while most people either heard it or just presumed that these methods works well and are better than any other course. Such pure assumption are, for the most part, based on hearsay or imagination.

Those who actually tried are very few. Even among them very few report that it is an easy way. Most people go through a horrible experience and either stop in the middle or swear not to think of it again.

Trust me, I am not hear to scare you off or to sell an alternative treatment. All I want you is to assist you in your homework before you embark upon the so called easy dental floss or cutting method.

Top 5 Reasons that Should Stop You Using the Dental Floss or Cutting Methods

There are many side effects of using these methods on your own. In this post I will mention only the top most 5 reasons not to use these methods.

1. Are You Sure it is Benign Skin Tag?

Yes, they are benign. They are not cancerous. They are not dangerous. They are not even painful. However, you cannot absolutely rule out the possibility that it could be something which is not benign. Best way to make sure is let your doctor examine it.

You may also consider a few things before you do any DIY treatments to know that it is non-cancerous.

  • Check that it is not bleeding
  • It is not growing in size
  • It does not change its color
  • It is not inflammatory, swelling or itchy

If there are no symptoms as mentioned above, then most probably it is benign and harmless.

Cutting a non-benign tumor may cause several health complications. Therefore make it absolute sure that it is benign.

2. Cutting and the Dental Floss Method is Painful

Cutting is obviously painful. Some people suggest to numb the area by using ice packs over it. This will only numb the outer surface of the skin. When you cut, it may still be very painful especially after the numbness is gone. It is not a pain free way of removing the skin tags.

For a dental floss method to be effective, you must tie it hard. If you tie it loose, it will not stop the blood supply. If you tie it too tight, there is a danger of cuts and bleeding. People who tried tying it tight reported horrible pain and some people even report to have untied it due to severe pain.

On the other hand if you tie it loose, it will not work.

 3. Risk of Infection

Chances are that the dental floss or cutting tool used are not properly sterilised. The resulting wound can become infected which may aggravate the situation.

If the infection does not heal, you may need to eat antibiotics to kill the infection.

 4. Dental Floss and Cutting Cause Scars

These methods are destructive and leave scars behind. There is no point replacing your tags with scars especially if they are unsightly.

5. Not Practical

How do you cut it or tie it with a dental floss if you have it on your anus or the anal area or the vaginal area. What if you have more than a few? Sometimes, these can be in a large number. Will you tie each of one them?

See Your Doctor or Use Topical Creams

I know that seeing your doctor is an expensive option. If you live in a country like UK, you are entitled to a free GP consultation where they can give you free advice of how to deal with the tag. If you live in the US or countries where health care is private paying issue, then it might be expensive.

If you are you sure that the skin tag is non-cancerous, then using over the counter medication is a better option.

The right course is to use creams or solutions that are made of herbal and natural ingredients.

 Consider using homeopathic formula as they do not contain any ingredients which are harsh on the skin.

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3 Responses to “Warning! Never Use the Dental Floss or Cutting Methods to Remove Your Skin Tags”

  1. Saab says:

    I used the dental floss on my tag on my neck. The pain was excruciating.

    I have other three but much smaller. I am thinking to use the homeopathic solution this time. Cannot think of the dental floss horrible pain again.

    Thanks for the post.

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