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You wish to find out the natural ways to implement in an attempt to safely and quickly remove skin tags – but what are skin tags exactly? They are scientifically referred to as acrochordons and they are small,  skin coloured outgrowths which can spawn on anyone’s skin, anywhere at no specific time.

Skin tags are a common occurrence and more than 50% of individuals will get infected with one or a couple of acrochordons at any point of their lives. Normally, one to two skin tags may not pose a threat but the problem arises when they become unappealingly visible | irritated | infected.

Unfortunately, they may have different effects on different persons with some people developing acrochordons on several body parts – which often makes them want to know how easily and quickly can they get rid of the skin tags at home. Note – it is essential to find out how to safely remove the acrochordons especially if you want to appear great and uphold confidence.

­­­­­­­­There are several ways to remove skin tags – some people opt to go to doctors while others deem it best to safely get rid of the tags at home. No matter the skin tag removal approach you settle for, it is advisable to know the pros and cons to each skin tag removal approach and to practice proper activity precautions.

Where do the Skin Tags Mostly Appear?

Listed below are the body sections in which the skin tags may spawn. Fortunately, each of the parts may be effectively have a home treatment based on the best methods in regard to customer’s feedback and huge randomized clinical trials:

As a result, we reveal the highly effective four methods through which you can remove the skin tags regardless of where they spawn. Ensure that you closely examine what each of the DIY skin tag removing kits offers, inclusive of its negatives and positives – in an attempt to make an informed choice. A few will work pretty fast as compared to the others, whereas others have a natural healing effect – but they all will get the job done. Therefore, settle for the one that best suits your choice and within your budget range.


Top 4 Picks for the Best Skin Tag Removal Kits

4. TagBand Device

Using something to tie-off the tags is a popular skin tag removal approach. The TagBand device is designed to painlessly tie off skin tags and minimize susceptibility to contracting infections. The product associates a hollow cone which can be 100% used easily and safely. The kit packs tools necessary to help you get rid of tags in just a week.

USing the Device

Start off by putting the small band around the tagband device, and then pushing it to its top – there should be a hollow cone that is supposed to go over the tag’s top. When you have the device in place, push off the band over the edge and it positions around the tag’s stalk. This aims to cut off the tag’s blood supply so that it dies and eventually fall off. You can buy tagband device here.

3. Wart & Mole Vanish

wart and Vanish MolesThe kit comes with an applicator and a pot of cream. Use alcohol wipes to clean the skin tag section and use a Q-tip, rather than the kit’s applicator, to precisely apply the cream over the skin tag – the kit’ applicator is a bit too large.

It only takes the OTC product 20 minutes for you to have a feel of a stinging sensation, but it is not something too bad – it is the formula working. Of course, the sting will be much more if the tag resides in a sensitive body area. Note; it is better if you DO NOT use the product in conspicuous parts of the face.

Once you remove the tag, a small scab forms over the next few days. Leave the scab as it is because it acts as an ointment for the wound promoting fast healing. It only takes about two to three weeks for the scab to come off.

How to Apply the Formula

befoe and afterAt the peak of the array of benefits of this treatment kit, sits the fact that the product is not runny – which means that you can get rid of skin tags without need to worry over damage to the surrounding skin. This is a beneficial aspect especially for facial treatment procedures, or in sections close to the eyes.

Wart & Mole Vanish holds a 4.2 star rating, out of the possible 5.0 stars, on with over 200 reviews. Its impeccable success rate makes it a viable option for fast skin tag removal.

2. Apothecary Australian Tea Tree Oil

apothecary tea tree oilYou can never go wrong with this product if you are out to safely get rid of skin tags. Apothecary Australian Tea Tree Oil is 100% natural and organic. It is affordable, effective, and efficient in skin tag removal with a couple of reasons as to why it is a worthy choice.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial aspects as well as other medicinal values vital in flaking away skin tags. Topical application of the product minimizes your susceptibility to contracting infections.

How to Apply Tea Tree Oil

The product is easy to use. All there is to do – soak a small cotton swab in Tea Tree Oil and apply it over the skin tag. Then, bandage the section to help the Tea Tree Oil sip through the skin tag – though this is not necessary. The skin tag turns dark, dries up, dies, and eventually falls off in just a few weeks. See the oil in Amazon.

1. H-Skin Tags Formula

h-skin tag formulaAs per the user reviews, H-Skin Tags Formula is a top-notch over the counter product which helps to safely and quickly remove bothersome skin tags. It is a natural, topical OTC product which holds homeopathic ingredients that help to get rid of skin tags.

The amount of the product to be use is dependent on the size and number of tags. It is necessary to ensure that you do not run out of the product and consequently interrupt the program. If you have a few skin tags the 11ml bottle of the OTC product comes in handy with over 100 applications. On the flipside, if you have many | large skin tags the 33 ml bottle of H-Skin Tags Formula is a better option.

How to Apply the Formula

Use your fingers to apply the product or you can place a few drops on a Q-tip and apply over the skin tag. Simply, dab each of the skin tags but mind you – it is unnecessary to saturate them. Click here for more info on H-Skin Tag Formula.

How to Quickly Remove Skin Tags at Home

(i)  Use Chemical Peels to Remove Skin Tags

Dermatologists recommend the use of a chemical peel to remove skin tags. Though the chemical peels are expensive, they can be pretty effective. Chemical peel solutions ensure that you attain the same solution’s strength and effectiveness of treatment for a portion of the overall cost.

Individuals who indulge the use of Trichloroacetic Acid at home report on the successful use of the product. The product is to be applied multiple times for a couple of days – and due care when applying – but it works. Additionally, you don’t get to lose time with doctor’s appointments.

Trichloroacetic Acid has 80% strength to ensure that it is highly effective. Each application of the product works on the layers. Learn how to safely apply and use a chemical peel for efficiency. Also, you may want to find out why settling for the right strength is essential if you are out for the best results.

(ii) How to Safely Remove Skin Tags Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are a safe, affordable, and a proven natural, safe and home treatment option for skin tags. These essential oils include – oregano oil, frankincense oil, castor oil,  and tea tree oil.  Among all these, tea tree oil is reported to be the most effective of the natural essential oils and is in its purest form.

Though tea tree oil doesn’t smell great, it gets the job done – you want an easy and natural/ herbal way to get rid of the skin tags. The best brands out there are Bael Wellness tea tree oil and Apothecary tea tree oil.

(iii) Use of Scissors | Scalpel to Remove Skin Tags

If you don’t mind a pinch of pain, you can decide on cutting off the skin tags using a pair of scissors | scalpel. First off, you will have to thoroughly clean the infected area. Rub the section with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and then apply a numbing agent. Use a pair of scissors | scalpel to cut off the skin tag at its stalk’s base. Here is a detailed guide on how to use the scissors or scalpel method.

Cutting off the skin tag will inevitably lead to bleeding – especially if the skin tag is quite huge. Therefore, make a point of having a clean and absorbent tissue close by. Note that cutting off the skin tag is neither a safe nor risk-free method for you to put to use.

You only get to benefit in that – you don’t have to spend your money making doctor appointments and you are subject to fast results. General practitioners | doctors DON’T recommend the procedure as it is a painful endeavor and makes you susceptible to infections.

NEVER put this treatment option to use in visible body parts | sensitive body sections (around the eyes | genital areas) because there is inevitable scarring. Thus, this is NOT the best way to get rid of skin tags because of cosmetic considerations.

For more information read Warning on Using the Dental Floss Method.

(iv)  Use of Apple Cedar Vinegar to Remove Skin Tags

Apple cedar vinegar has an acidic content vital in breaking down cells in an attempt to shrink them down and ensure that they fall off with any compromise to their structure. To use apple cedar vinegar – dip a cotton ball in the vinegar and directly rub the soaked cotton ball on the acrochordon.

You either can let the cotton ball soak for a couple of minutes before you rinse it off | you can let it dry on your skin. Carry out the procedure about 2-3 times a day, till the skin tag shrivels to a point in which it can fall off naturally. Though there is no scientific proof to back up the success score of this method, it has worked for some individuals.

What Causes the Spawn of Skin Tags?

Acrochordons can affect anyone but there are certain groups of people who are more susceptible to contracting skin tags. Individuals on steroids are more susceptible to contracting skin tags. Also, skin tags are a common occurrence among those who are obese – due to rubbing.

The hormonal and weight rise and fall result in the development of skin tags among the pregnant women. Also, the older people are more likely to attract skin tags as compared to younger people – maybe, because of reduced elasticity.

Skin tags pose no threat to your health and proper diagnosis should ward off any worries that they may be signs of cancer. Ensure that you consult with your doctor | general practitioner if your lump alters in size or color. Proper diagnosis should reassure you that the skin tags AREN’T harmful to at all and most of the doctors consider the treatment as a procedure that is purely cosmetic. This shows that dermatologists consider the skin tag removal process unnecessary procedure.

If your skin tags do not present in visible parts of your body (eyelids | face | neck | groin) – then, it is a good idea to have them safely removed.

Why Pulling Skin Tags is Ineffective?

Wondering if pulling off a skin tag is an effective removal option? NO. Though it may be a ‘free solution’ – it doesn’t work! Why? It may result in irritation or even infection.

Skin tags are attached to your skin via a narrow shaft. They are a living constituent of the body – imagine holding a part of the skin and attempting pulling it off! Well, you possibly can’t do it – and if you do, it may result in pain, bleeding, and scarring.

Visiting a Laser Skin Tag Removal Specialist

Though visiting a clinic specialising in laser removal is not an affordable treatment option, the skin tag removal doctors can be found in almost each and every state and they can help you to painlessly remove these annoying benign skin growths without any pain.

It may be surprising to you that a laser can help burn off a skin tag from your face | body – but, be in the know that numbing the area will significantly reduce the discomfort. Though the laser skin tag removal prices may vary dependent on the clinic, the cost is something from $100 to $150 per skin tag.

Even though you may indulge aftercare for the next few days, the actual skin tag removal process takes around 10 to 15 minutes.  This method is highly effective because the doctor precisely applies a radio frequency laser, proportionate to the infected area, in an attempt to leave the surrounding skin sections unharmed.

Perhaps, this treatment option may be ideal for you because a medical professional oversees the procedure and because it is the best alternative for the skin tags in where you may find it difficult to effectively target it.

How to Prevent the Spawn of Skin Tags

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to prevent the occurrence of skin tags – but, there are measures you can take to reduce your susceptibility to contracting the skin tags. While a vast majority of people may attract the skin tags at some stage in their lifetime, listed below are a couple of strategies which you can indulge to prevent the spawn of skin tags:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Stay in shape
  • Keep your weight under control
  • Maintain overall good health in an attempt to reduce your susceptibility to skin tags
  • Keep your skin toned through regular exercises
  • Don’t wear tight clothes.
  • Avoid the use of powders in case you are a sweaty person.

It should be noted that the H-skin tag removal Kit has many advantages when compared to the free options. It is affordable, quick, easy to use and harmless. The cheap and painless removal of skin tags at home will go a long way to ensure that you uphold impeccable appearance.  And remember, it is always better to take action rather than chances.

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