Top 10 Best Skin Tag Removal Creams: How to Get Fast Results

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Looking for ways to get rid of bothersome skin tags?

Even though individual preference on the skin tag treatment options may vary – Hefty costs and the risk of scarring which associates invasive surgery remain the key concern for a vast majority of people. As a result, there came about the emergence of skin tag removal creams as worthy and bearable treatment alternative.

But, which is the best and most reliable over the counter (OTC) skin tag removal cream available?

Before we take a dive for comprehensive reviews of the OTC skin tag removal creams and their recommendations – first, let’s understand;

Surgical Skin Tag Removal Costs: How much will it Cost?

Listed below are the common surgical approaches to get rid of bothersome skin tags:

  • Excision: – Getting rid of skin tags through cutting them off (using a scalpel | razor blade | scissors).
  • Cauterization: – Burning off skin tags using an electric current, which passes through a probe-tip | wire.
  • Cryosurgery: – Freezing off skin tags using a probe which constitutes liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser: – Getting rid of skin tags using a specific wavelength of laser energy.

 Even though you should make a point of consulting with your dermatologist | doctor for a diagnosis (to determine an exact cost), the table below should serve as your quick reference as to the estimation of the cost range for skin tag removal by surgery in US | UK | Australia (based on the pricing information that displays on the respective health service provider’s website)


*Source of information (costs are subject to change):

  • London Dermatology Clinic
  • Eden institute, Sydney
  • Dermacare Medical, New York
  • The Skin Surgery Clinic, UK

The surgical cost of skin tag removal tends to faze a vast majority of people and they naturally have to seek out alternatives – the reason as to why the OTC creams | products come into consideration.

Skin Tag Removal Creams | Products Reviews: Best Skin Tag Removers to Use

Comprehensive research is done to pin-point the best and most reliable skin tag removal creams based on the customer reviews and results. Also, we specify the reasons as to why certain skin tag remover brands DO NOT make to reflect on our recommendation list.

Listed below are the Top 2 Skin Tag Removal Creams which can help you get rid of bothersome skin tags – not to mention, with proven results:Mole and Skin Tag Vanish Remover

10. Wart & Mole Vanish Cream

 Wart & Mole is a natural product which constitutes formulations vital in the treatment of skin tags, genital | non-genital warts, skin moles, and syringoma. Wart & mole constitutes notable measures of lemon, fig plant, greater celandine plant, and cashew plant.

The award winning product embraces positive customer service reviews on its reliability and effectiveness in getting rid of skin tags. Below are a couple of the reviews:

Tracy E. Camp, Crown Point IN said: ‘I have had my neck infested with numerous skin tags for years. It was a month back when I decided to look up what I can do to get rid of them on Google…I purchased a product online and I really I’m astounded with the results. Can you imagine I was able to treat about 10-15 skin tags with a single application? I was so impressed with the outcome that I tried the cream on my husband’s one and only skin tag. He owes me to date!’

 Harry said: ‘It was just 15 days ago when I bought this product from you guys and the tag is no more! I had this huuuge tag on the back of my leg that was quite unsightly. I’d say it was the size of a dime all the way round – looked like a mushroom with the stalk the size of a cigarette’s butt. I really hated it. So, I called in a few times and you said that it was possible to have it fall off – I just had to work on its trunk. I did the procedure about 10 times till the tag finally turned black and fell off. It has now been three days since that tag fell off and I have a scap the size of a cigarette’s butt. I really I’m amazed!

Duchovny from MO commented: ‘I had about 10 skin tags on each of my arms and I’m really glad they gone. I ended up using 4 bottles of your formula to have all of the tags removed – probably because of the size of some of the tags. It was cheaper than the surgical approach and they all are gone. This summer was fun… I finally had the chance to go out swimming and not have to worry over the people’s stares. Thanks, it really feels great.

The Wart & Mole Vanish Kit holds sufficient cream for about 2-5 benign growths (about 5mm | ¼” in size), or 5-20 for the smaller benign growths (about 2mm | 1/16” in size). Also, the kit comes with a natural anti-bacterial formula, 2 applicator sticks, 3 cotton swabs, a scratching needle (for warts on the hand), a toothpick (for scratching smaller tags), and 1 emery board (for scratching moles and skin tags).

9. Nevi-Skin Moles, Skin Tag, and Warts Removal Cream

Nevi Skin Tag removerThe product constitutes a propriety formula which has natural herbal extracts. NeviSkin by Dermal Meds is a topical cream that is effective and efficient in getting rid of skin tags. Also, the producit has formulations to help ward off certain skin conditions such as syringoma, skin moles, as well as genital warts.

Each container of the NeviSkin product holds sufficient topical treatment cream capable to get rid of about 10-30 skin tags (small in size) – the product’s formulation is meant to cause direct destruction to the tag.

As per the user reviews, NeviSkin is an effective removal cream that can go mile to help you get rid of bothersome skin tags. Below are a couple of the user testimonials:

Honora Lynch said: ‘I admit that, at first, I was a bit skeptical of the effectiveness of the product before I went ahead to make an order. I had two skin tags that I really had to lose…they made me quite uncomfortable among my peers. I applied the product as instructed and the skin tags turned dark brown in a 3-week period and fell off in merely 24 hours.

Hussein Adidja commented: ‘Nlinunua NeviSkin na matokeo yake yamenifurahisha sana. Sikudhania ningeweza kutembea kwa umati wa watu bila aibu yoyote. Bei yake ni nafuu na ilinisaidia kuliko nilivyotarajia. Asanteni sana… Mmenisaidia kiwango tosha!

Alessia Freya wrote: ‘I used the product to get rid of skin tags and moles, and the cream actually does work! Just make sure that you apply the cream on the target area – but make sure that you don’t excessively apply it to avoid leaving behind marks on your skin. Follow the instructions and the tags will be gone before you know it.

You can purchase NeviSkin products online, regardless of where you are (Australia | UK | Canada), via their website – so as to be re-assured that you are making a purchase of a genuine product. Also, the company makes a point of issuing a money-back guarantee for customers who are not 100% satisfied with the product (within 60 days of the product’s purchase).

NeviSkin products are available in different package options – Silver package (holds 1 container), the Gold package (holds 2 containers), and the Platinum package (holds 3 containers).

 Other OTC Skin Tag Removal Products that DID NOT Make to be on the Recommendations List

8. Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

The product is an essential oil which constitutes thuja occidentals. Unfortunately, the product holds poor reputation among the users with most of them claiming that the product is very ineffective. Also, the user reviews hold that the product packs a lot of stink to it – evidently, not the best of skin tag removal products to purchase.

7. Amoils Skin Tag Removal H-Skin Tag Homeopathic Formula

h-skin tag formulaThis is a homeopathic formula manufactured by Natural Healing Oils (Amoils). According to the company, the formula contains only natural and pure herbal ingredients without any chemicals. It is, therefore, safe and very gentle on the skin. According to the customer reviews on their site, the formula is effective but takes longer to see results. The manufacturer explains that because it is natural so it takes longer to show effects. I personally emailed them asking why their formula work slow. They justified it by saying natural process is a slow process which takes time. This is what makes the formula safe.

6. Trichloroacetic Acid Solution (TCA)

Most dermatologists make use of TCA as a chemical skin peel. However, TCA has high corrosive effects on the human skin – and for this reason, there are precautions in putting the product to use. The product holds concentrations of about 80%, used for getting rid of skin tags, and its administration requires trained medical personnel | dermatologist in an attempt to curb damages to one’s healthy skin.

5. Naturasil Homoeopathic Remedies for Skin Tags

The product receives negative customer reviews to date. The ratings aren’t fancy too – with a 2.2 rating out of the possible 5.0 star rating. Most of the customer feedbacks indicate that the product does not work at all and that it is a waste of time and money looking up the product.

4. Tag No More Skin Tag Remover

The product constitutes thuja occidentals. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t seem to help the users despite them putting it to use as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Rather than the users commenting that the ‘Tag No More’, the user reviews boldly read ‘Tag Still Going Strong!’

3. Elimitag Skin Tag Remover (Homeopathic Medicine)

This is yet another over the counter product that holds a poor user rating of 2.2 out of the possible 5.0 star ratings. User reviews hold that most of them did not have a feel of any sort of improvement on their skin tags – even after putting the product to use for several weeks.

2. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

The TagBand Removal kit holds a TagBand cone, a TagBand remover, and 10 TagBands. Experts design the TagBands to work through cutting off the blood supply to the skin tags – when put to use as per the instructions.

1. Miracle of Aloe Skin Tag Remover

It is an essential oil that comes with an applicator brush vital in the topical application of the affected body sections. The user reviews of the product place its efficiency and effectiveness at 2.5 out of the possible 5.0 ratings (average). Unfortunately, most of the users deem the product ineffective.

Comparison of the Best Skin Tag Removal Products and Recommendations

Since health insurance does not typically cover the skin tag removal cost, it is understandable why people are out in search of cost effective alternatives to get rid of their skin tags.

The aforementioned recommendations for skin tag removal products are both natural options which hold positive and proven user results. Both products are efficient and effective in skin tag removal, while the key difference between them is their pricing – Wart & Mole Vanish cream is quite costly as compared to the NeviSkin product.

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