Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy

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skin flaps under boobsYour body goes through hormonal changes during pregnancy, which affects the general condition of the health. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have skin tags under your breasts during pregnancy. For some women, it is not easy to carry a baby and getting a few skin flaps under the breast can make things even more uncomfortable. However, you should not despair, as there are a few ways to get rid of these tags even during pregnancy.

The medical name for the skin tag is acrochordons. These are soft skin flaps hanging off the skin through a stalk or peduncle. They can grow on any part of the body; however, the most common areas are armpits, eyelids, face, groins and neck area.

When you are pregnant, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any medication. For skin tags, you do not have to take any medication orally. All you have to do is apply an external solution or cream to treat the tag. It is highly recommended to use only natural products such as H-Skin Tag Formula that contains only herbal and homeopathic ingredients.

Is it Dangerous to Have Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

Many people think that skin flaps are cancerous and are potentially dangerous. The good news is that skin tags are benign tumours and they are not cancerous unless you find them extremely itching, inflammatory, and very large or bleeding.

It is believed that skin tags are correlated to diabetes. It does not mean, however, that anyone having skin tags are diabetic. Most of these fleshy bumps are simply a result of the friction of the skin caused by rubbing against the another part of the skin. Reducing your weight, cutting down saturated fats and sugar can prove highly beneficial for your health in the long term.

Causes of Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy

skin flaps during pregnancyThe level of pregnancy hormones increase naturally when you are expecting a baby. The increase becomes dramatic if you are expecting more than one baby. Hormonal changes lead to the modification of skin follicles. This, in turn, creates a suitable environment for the growth of skin flaps.

Another reason of skin tags under breasts during pregnancy is that you see an increase in the size of breasts and stomach. Before pregnancy, your breasts may not touch your stomach. Once you are pregnancy, the size of the both the stomach and breasts increase and they rub against each other creating friction. The area become hot and sweaty causing the growth of skin tags under and around the breasts area.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are several ways to get rid of skin tags during pregnancy. If you go to your doctor, chances are they will class them as only a cosmetic condition and may not offer any treatment unless they find it posing any serious health risks. Because they do not pose serious health risk, most health insurance companies class them as cosmetic and do not cover the cost of treatment.

Do not go for treatments like cutting, tying off or freezing during pregnancy. If you are desperate, then consider some natural product that can be applied externally even when you are pregnant. Do not use any products that contains harmful chemicals which may negatively affect your skin and health. Avoid using nail polish as it may damage the skin surface. You may try H-Skin Tags Homeopathic Natural Formula which contains only natural ingredient.

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