How to Get Rid of the Skin Tags Around the Eye Lids?

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Eye lids skin tag removal

They are extremely bad looking and kill your beauty when they grow on places like face, forehead, eyelids etc. The ones growing around eyes are even worse because of cosmetic reason as well as discomfort. I am not talking about pain but sometimes these tags may grow quite longer and keep hanging over the eye lashes. This may be a bit discomforting when you open and shut your eye lids.  I do not see any reason to let them hanging there and kill your personal attraction. These should be removed as soon as possible to get you rid off the discomfort and that ugly piece of hanging flesh.

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Before, you learn some ways to remove the skin tags from you eye lids, let me emphasize that the eye is a very sensitive and useful organ. You must take utmost care before you even think of the removal. If you do it yourself, you must be sure that you are taking all the precautionary measures to protect your eyes. If you are going to a professional, you must ensure that you are getting someone who really knows the job well.

Why should you consider a professional?

There are several home and natural remedies for the removal of skin tags. These methods can be used if they appear on other parts of the body. However, it is not recommended to use them on the eyelid because of the sensitivity of the area. You must protect your eyes from coming in contact with anything harmful.

The professional health practitioners are able to use specific methods such as freezing or burning them using tools especially designed for the job. Moreover, a health professional will also seek further advice or recommend you to a specialist or hospital if they think it necessary.

The biggest problem people often face is the cost of going to the doctor. People who have removed their eyelids skin tags by dermatologists or other qualified health professional have paid anything from $100 to $300 per tag. If we calculate the average price to be $200 then four tags on both eyes will cost you $800! It is too much. Isn’t?

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Generally, the insurance companies do not cover treatment of skin tags. The reason that insurance does not cover them is that it is classed as a cosmetic issue rather than medical issue. But hang on, I have heard people who called their insurance companies and they were granted cover. If you skin tag is creating a problem or troubling you, then you might be entitled to get the treatment under the cover. There is no harm in calling your company before getting it done privately.

Using the Thread or Dental Floss

This is an age old remedy for skin tags. This is generally considered safer as no liquid or chemicals are involved. You just tie a cotton thread, dental floss string or hair at the bottom of the tag and leave it there for a few days. The string cuts the blood and nutritional supply to the tag which dries up and falls.

Using Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Mix some baking soda in castor oil to make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the skin tag carefully making sure that the paste does not fall into the eye. After a few minutes the paste will dry up. Repeat twice a day. It may take around four weeks for the tags to fall off.

Over the Counter Medication

There are several creams and ointments available for the removal of skin tags on the eye lid. Some of them are quite effective and safe to use. DermaTend is one such product which people have used it with success

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