Mostly Commonly Used Procedures for the Removal of Skin Tags

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Most people know that skin tags are harmless, yet they would like to get rid of them because of aesthetic reasons and social or relationship embarrassment.

People who have skin tags on their hands and legs often wear long sleeved shirts or long dresses to cover them up.

But the procedure to remove skin tags is not difficult. There are easy ways that anybody can use to treat these ugly fleshy bits.

You do not have to go for surgery at the hospital. You do not have to burn them at the dermatologist or freeze them at the skin clinic.

Please note that I am talking about benign skin tag. If you have any doubt about your skin tag being cancerous, please consult your doctor.

The good news is that most skin tags are benign and non-cancerous and as mentioned earlier do not pose any serious problems.

The best procedure to treat skin tags is to use some kind of natural skin tag removal cream such as dermatend or H-skin tag formula.

This article explains three top over the counter products for the removal of skin tag.

The reason that I am saying to use natural and non-toxic cream or solution is it is easy, simple and inexpensive. It is less messy, safe and even effective.

There are some other home based methods such as cutting, clipping or tying a dental floss or hair around the tag.

As far as cutting or clipping at home is concerned,  stay away. These tags may bleed profusely and there is also a risk of infection. Moreover, the tools you use may not be properly sterilized and this may create further health complication.

The dental floss method is very painful. I have heard many people that tying a dental floss string around the tag works. But there are a couple of downsides of this method.

  • Tie it too tight and it will cut through and bleed.
  • Tie it too loose and it won’t work
  • It is very painful
  • Very hard to tie small tags
  • It leaves scars behind.

The Embarrassing Effect of Skin Tags

They are harmless and do not hurt, yet they often become a great source of embarrassment and misery.

Some skin tags are small and cannot be noticed until closely looked at. Others are quite large and conspicuous. The large ones may become inflammatory and irritating especially when they come in contact with clothes.

Whatever their color or size, they are ugly. They kill the beauty of the person.

Other Methods


Cauterization is the medical name for burring the tag. The process actually burns the tissue and destroys it. This helps to kill the tumor.


This is the surgical method. It simply means to cut the tag off the body using some special cutting blades or medical scissors.


In this method the doctor use some liquid nitrogen to freeze the tissues. As a result these tissue die and then the tag disappears.

All the above methods should be done under professional supervision. A positive side of these methods is that they are usually quick and effective. However, there are a few downsides.

1. They are expensive

Skin tags removal is a cosmetic procedure and so may not be covered by your health insurance. Also, you may need several visits to the derms to complete the treatment.

2. Risk of Infection

There are chances that you may get infection at the place of cutting. In some cases you may have to take oral antibiotics to treat the infection.

3. Risk of Scars

Well, we concluded earlier that one of the main reasons of removing skin tags is cosmetic. So, what when you get scars? You will never want to replace your tags with scars.

4. Painful

Doctors will numb the areas before carrying out the procedure, however, once the numbness is gone, you may find it quite painful. In that case, you may have to take some oral pain killers.

The best, non-messy, safe, cheap and effective method is to use some natural and over the counter cream.

Read here about the top 3 products for the removal of skin tags.

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