How Do Surgeons Effectively Remove Skin Tags?

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Surgical methods are not pain free. The natural alternatives are often pain free and safer. Read more...

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There are many claims that some of the home remedies of removing skin tags are safe and natural. Nonetheless, it is also advisable and prudent to discuss health issues with experts and let them take care of them. I am not against any natural methods or home remedies, my point is you either should be absolutely sure of any self care method and should have first hand knowledge. When you are not sure or confident and do not have the required knowledge of dealing with a health issue, then it is better not take any risks and refer the issue to experts.

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I, personally, do not pay visit to doctors for each and every minor health problem unless it is absolutely necessary. I also do not go for any self-treatment unless I make myself absolute sure and confident that I know what I am doing. In order to get some first hand knowledge and get rid of skin tags without any surgery, I highly recommend reading Dr Charles Book. Click here for more info.

The purpose of writing this article is to acquaint the readers with available surgery options just in case they want the tags to be removed by a surgeon. This article briefly explains the different types of surgery, merits and demerits etc. After you read the post, I hope you will be in a better position to decide for yourself the choice of which surgical method to use.

Your dermatologist will tell you that tags are not cancerous in most cases and may not develop into anything serious like moles. You may want to get rid of them because they may be very unsightly and affect your beauty. They may also get irritated if rubbed against the parts of the body or clothing.

As the name surgery indicates, these methods may involve some discomfort, pain, or bleeding. The dermatologist may apply local anesthesia or other numbing methods on the tags to reduce the pain or discomfort as much as possible and tolerable.

Here are some of the surgical methods.

1. Cauterization

It is a technique or practice in which a part of the body is burnt to remove it or close it. The process is called cautery. It destroys the tissues to remove the undesired growth of the skin tags.

Special instruments such as electrically charged blades are used to remove the tags. The procedure is conducted by qualified professional health practitioner such as a dermatologist.

People who have used cauterization for the treatment of tags on the skin report that it permanently removes the tags without any chance of re-growth. The bad bit, however, is that after cauterization, the scar remains on the skin. Some people have tried manuka honey over the scars left behind with some wonderful results.

Cauterization can be quite painful without numbing the area first. Some dermatologists will numb the areas using solutions before doing the procedure. They may also consider some shots or local anesthetics to make the procedure pain free. Once the procedure is done, the pain may start again after a few hours as the numbness goes away. You may require taking some pain killers for a few days.

As said earlier, cauterization must be administered by a professional. Some people have tried at home which is not recommended at all. It is not worth the risk to do it at home.

Make sure that you ask the professional to use sterilized instruments. The dermatologists will apply the heated instrument to the stalk which cuts the tag and seal blood veins. The heat is applied after a few seconds at a time until the tag is burned.

After the procedure, you dermatologist may bandage the wound and prescribe anti-biotic to avoid the danger of any infection.

2. Cryotherapy

This is also known as cryosurgery. In this method the tag is frozen using liquid nitrogen to remove and kill its growth. Before freezing, a copper or suture wire may be tied around the tag. This method is quite effective and the results are promising. Sometimes the dermatologist may make a wrong move which may cause lesions. It is very important to seek the services of someone who knows the job really well.

The cryotherapy is considered to be gentler than cauterization and relatively pain free when conducted by professionals. However, the reviews by people who went through the procedure think otherwise. Most users experienced more pain and less success.

 3. Tying

Tying the tags at the base with dental floss, strings, cotton thread or a piece of hair is an effective way for the removal of skin tags. It stops the blood flow to the tissues. As the time passes, the tissues die and the tag eventually falls off.

Some people use the tying method at home without the help of a dermatologist. Some people have reported that it is painful and discomforting. For a tag or two, it may be ok to try it home, but for a large number of skin tags, it is recommended for the dermatologist to take care of it.

 4. Excision

This is one of the most effective and widely used methods by the dermatologist. It is simply cutting the tags using scissors or other tools as employed by the surgeons. This method is good for tags that are very large and which may not respond to creams or other remedies. The drawback is that there is often a lot of bleeding. The dermatologist may apply aluminum chloride to the affected to avoid excessive bleeding.


Skin tags are normally harmless and are not cancerous. If they are not many and do not affect the cosmetic appearance, they may be left alone. However, if they are too many it could be a warning sign of some condition and the doctor should be seen for it. A small amount of tags can be treated at home using some natural and home remedies, but for a large number of tags, it is highly recommended to see a professional. Some skin tags may appear on places like eyelids, anus, vigina, penis etc. It is better to use creams or medications especially designed for these areas or just refer to the doctor.

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