How Did I Treat my Skin Tags and Moles Risk and Pain Free?

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  • Are you really tired of your skin tags and moles?
  • Have you tried creams and remedies that did not work before?
  • Are you scared of the bleeding surgical methods?
  • Are you worried about the scars that may remain behind after the moles and tags are gone?

Worry No More! I experienced exactly the same feelings as you may be undergoing right now. I tried and tested many methods except cutting them off. The surgical, freezing, and cutting methods of the skin tags are horrors to me! Other so called natural methods either do not work or take too long and leave blemishes and scars behind.
Break Through Skin Tag Removal ProductI was lucky when I cam across H-Skin Tag by chance. In the beginning I was skeptical. But one thing kept me assured of losing nothing except my skin tags and moles was the 90 days money back guarantee!

I have rarely come across of any product which offers money back guarantee even after 90 days. I thought I would give it a go and see it myself. I had two skin tags just under my right arm pit, one on the back of my neck, two on my left arms by the arm bend, another small one on my eyelid and a black mole on my right side of the tummy.

Seeing is Believing

After reading the reviews, I ordered the kit online through the official website, still thinking of not losing money as it was guaranteed to work or my money was back. As soon as I received the kit, I started to apply it on the two large tags under my right arm pit. Within three days, they had turned black. On the seventh day they fell off completely.

Once I saw its effectiveness on the larger skin tags, I applied the cream on the smaller ones. They were literally gone in three days. The mole on the belly took around 8 days to heal.

I have taken photos of the whole treatment and also documented the progress in the form of a video. I will be soon uploading them here to share my success with others.

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