Freezing of Skin Tags – Know When to Consider it

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surgical methods for treating skin flaps

Skin tags are also know as skin flaps. People also call it flesh hanging off the skin. Medically known as acrochordons, these are small bits or pieces of flesh hanging off the skin. They are attached to the body through a stalk, which supplies blood and nutrition to the tag.

For the most part, these are not dangerous and do not pose any potential threat or health complications. They are actually benign tumors. However, if they are scratched or rubbed hardly, they may get irritated, itchy and even start to bleed. If they bleed, you may also run the risk of catching an infection.

Some people mistake skin tags for warts. However, warts and skin flaps are entirely different. Warts are viral while skin tags are not. It is easier to treat the latter and an OTC treatment may often do the Natural Skin Tags Treatment. The Original Topical Homeopathic Remedy For Skin Tagstrick.

Most people will like to get rid of them simply because of cosmetic reason. They are, indeed, ugly. When they grow on a visible place like face, chin, eyelids or other areas normally exposed, it adds to the embarrassment.

Who Develops Skin Tags

There are views that diabetes is related skin tags. However, it does not mean that anyone having skin flaps should be diabetic. They may often grow simply because of the friction caused by rubbing surfaces of the skin. Generally, most people have a tag or two on some part of their body at certain age.

If you have skin tags, which are covers a large area or they are many in numbers, then you should see a dermatologist to find the underlying cause.

People who are overweight tend to develop tags on their body. It could be because overweight or obese people have folds of skin, which is rubbed against another part. This causes friction, which in turn, may result in to skin tags.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to develop skin tags. This is because when you are pregnant, your body produces additional hormones which may result in to some skin conditions including the appearance of skin flaps.

Freezing Skin Tags

cryotherapyAs I mentioned earlier, if you develop too many tags, you should be considering visiting your doctor or dermatologist for a professional treatment and a possible diagnosis of the underlying cause. Dermatologists have several methods to get your rid of the tags depending upon the type, number and location of the tags. One way to treat such tags is by freezing them to die out.

The process of freezing the tags to death is known as cryotherapy in which a liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area. The nitrogen liquid is so cold that it freezes the tag, which eventually falls off.

The dermatologists use special equipment for the application of nitrogen. The equipment is special canister with a nozzle. This allows applying the liquid exactly at the target area and avoids the surrounding area exposed to it. The treatment should take anything between a few seconds to several minutes.

You may feel some pain during the treatment. Some doctors will numb the area by applying ice packs or just some numbing solution to reduce the discomfort. If the tag is large enough, you may be given a local anaesthesia to avoid painful feeling.

Once the treatment is complete, it may take around 7 to 10 days for the tags to fall off.

You may be given some pain relief medication to take in case of any pain after the numbness is gone.

Drawbacks of the Freezing Methods


Your insurance company may not cover the treatment of the tags as it only a cosmetic problem unless it poses some serious issues to your health. So, you have to pay for the treatment. If you have many tags, you may pay several visits and have to pay a few hundred dollars.

Ugly Scars

Freezing leaves scars behind. Now you do not want to replace your tags with ugly scars, do you?

Risk of Infection

There is a risk of infection if the wound left behind does not heal properly.

Should You Do a DIY Cryotherapy?

It is not recommended to do a DIY freezing at home. You may damage your healthy skin and potentially risk your health. Instead, you should try some natural method such as H-skin tag homeopathic formula. Click here to know more about the formula.

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